Wriggly Worms

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Having a worm bin is a great way to recycle kitchen and garden waste into rich plant food. A simple worm bin is easy to make; basically you need a container which has a lid and drainage, plus something to collect the liquid that drains out.

Tiger worms and red wigglers are examples of compost worms which you can either buy or simply find in your garden. These worms pop up in the right conditions; where fresh organic matter is present, and where toxins (e.g. slug bait) aren't used.

Tips for creating good living conditions in the worm bin :

  • Avoid anything that will go mouldy, such as bread
  • Mix the fresh material in as you add it. Mixing helps the waste to break down rapidly, and also discourages flies
  • Add a light sprinkle of lime. Worms need calcium for their 'teeth' 

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