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How to Plant a Fruit Tree: A Guide for Organic Gardeners

$3.80 Green Footprint Publishing 2014
Available on amazon
By Clare Jackson, with Alice Bulmer

‘a refreshing, easy to read and user-friendly book’

We’re really excited to announce that Green Footprint’s second eBook is out now! It covers what you need to know to get your young fruit trees off to a great start. How to Plant a Fruit Tree: A Guide for Organic Gardeners is written by Green Footprint’s Clare Jackson, in association with Alice Bulmer.

Growing your own fruit is rewarding and easy, and this is a great time of year to start planning your home orchard. If you start out right, your fruit trees will be producing in a remarkably short time. How a tree is planted has a huge influence over how healthy and productive it is.

 In this eBook you’ll find everything you need to know about planting a fruiting tree or shrub, clearly laid out, in easy to follow steps, with useful photos. We also cover how to choose fruit trees, where to plant them and how to care for a tree during the first year.

Everything in this eBook has been thoroughly trialed over many years by Clare Jackson and Tim Newton of Green Footprint. We think How to Plant a Fruit Tree is essential reading for home gardeners.

“This book contains everything I wish I’d known when I planted my fruit trees,” says co-author Alice.

You can read this eBook on most kinds of electronic devices – home computers, tablets, smartphones and Kindles.

 How to Plant a Fruit Tree is the second book in Green Footprint’s Organic Gardening Essentials series.

Our first eBook, Growing Great Seedlings: A Guide for Home Gardeners is also available on Amazon.

Here’s what some readers said about Growing Great Seedlings:

an easy to read, clear, simple and encouraging book, well worth having at your gardening finger tips.”

“Some gardeners think growing their own plants from seed is really difficult, but Clare Jackson uses her extensive experience in organic gardening and landscape design to provide good practical advice to demonstrate that this is not so…”

How to Plant a Fruit Tree: A Guide for Organic Gardeners

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