Sowing the seeds for great spring gardening: Green Footprint’s first eBook is out now!

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We’re proud to announce the publication of Green Footprint’s very first eBook. Growing Great Seedlings: A guide for home gardeners is now available on Amazon. It’s written by Green  Footprint’s Clare Jackson, in association with Alice Bulmer.

Growing Great Seedlings will help you get your garden off to a great start. It contains tips and secrets for growing healthy seedlings, explained in simple steps. It’s a great resource for home gardeners who want to get the best results for their time and effort. We think it’s great value for $3.85.

Growing seedlings is really not that time consuming, Clare says. Your seedlings will be growing very quickly. You’ll save money and get plants that are better quality than many commercially grown seedlings.

It’s a great way to start spring gardening



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