Love Your Lawn

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Most people like to grow grass lawns, and growing grass is a bit like growing veggies in your veggie garden. They both like to have soil which is rich in nutrients and well decomposed organic matter, as well as plenty of sunshine.

If your lawn has a prickle problem, its very easy to sort this now. Prickly Onehunga weed (Soliva sessilis) can be organically eradicated by simply letting the grass grow taller for 2 months in early spring, when the seeds of Onehunga weed are trying to germinate.

Putting Down Roots

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Misty mornings, damp grass and muddy boots mark the last weeks of planting time. Cool weather and moist soil make July the best month for planting just about anything. Although chilly, short days may not be so agreeable for us gardeners, the rewards of winter planting are worth the discomort: weeds are weak and the ground is easy to dig... in all but the wettest areas. Fruit trees, roses, ornamentals and restoration natives will settle in with minimal stress, in plenty of time to send out strong, deep roots to cope with dry weeks ahead. Read our winter planting tips here, or email us for a copy.


Tracking Nicely

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A walking path should meander, take in views and allow enjoyment of the secluded corners of your garden. Often the steepest and most difficult to reach parts of a property have the potential to become the most spectacular and enjoyable.This is especially true of the many streams and gullies connected to the Waikato river which are usually inaccessible without some track building. This track was built by GreenFootprint in a beautiful Hamilton gully. If you'd like to read some of our tips on designing and building tracks and garden paths read more here or email us for a copy.

What's Hot and What's Rot

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Compost is not only gardener's gold, it's also easy to make. Read the full story online or email us for a copy.

The Gardeners of Tomorrow

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Children are natural explorers, and time spent discovering and helping in the garden can be the beginning of a life long journey. We say the key to a child friendly backyard lies in using your five senses. Read the full story online, or email us for a copy.

Pick and Mix

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Flowers are not a luxury! Read February’s Urban and Country for our tips on growing beautiful flowers and foliage to fill your vases.

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Memorable Plants of 2015

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When you work with plants every day, some really stand out...not always for good reasons! Find out which ones we can’t forget and why, in January Urban and Country. Read online, or contact for a copy.    



Sustainable Swimming Pools

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How do you make your swimming pool more sustainable? Pools often get a bad rap as water wasters, but this is not necessarily the case. In fact, home swimming pools can even provide water to communities during a civil defence emergency. In the December edition of Urban and Country we share some ideas on greening your pool and keeping it sparkling clear at the same time. You can read the online article here or write to and we'll email you a copy.