Memorable Plants of 2015

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When you work with plants every day, some really stand out...not always for good reasons! Find out which ones we can’t forget and why, in January Urban and Country. Read online, or contact for a copy.    



Sustainable Swimming Pools

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How do you make your swimming pool more sustainable? Pools often get a bad rap as water wasters, but this is not necessarily the case. In fact, home swimming pools can even provide water to communities during a civil defence emergency. In the December edition of Urban and Country we share some ideas on greening your pool and keeping it sparkling clear at the same time. You can read the online article here or write to and we'll email you a copy.

Abundant Backyard

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 Now Available!   3 GreenFootprint audiobooks on one CD

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Growing Great Seedlings

Everything you need to know about successfully growing vegetables from seed, in easy to follow steps.

How to Plant a Fruit Tree

Enjoy home-grown fruit all year round.The secrets behind choosing and planting fruit trees and shrubs.

Beyond Watering

Imagine a beautiful, productive garden that doesn’t need hours of watering in summer. We show you how to achieve this! 

Running time 75 minutes    Made in NZ    © Green Footprint 2014

A Green Room

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Planting an outdoor living area is a bit like decorating a room in your house; we have some design tips for a green & sustainable outdoor room in the latest Urban and Country


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When you are planning your garden, group plants which have similar needs together. You’re probably already doing this with plants that prefer sun or shade, for example growing sunflowers and zinnias together in a sunny spot, or various species of ferns on the shady side of the house. Grouping plants with similar water needs is called hydrozoning. For example: plant lettuce, rocket and spinach together, so you can water them at the same time, rather than dotting these thirsty vegetables around the garden.

hear more in our audiobook  Beyond Watering .. your guide to gardening through the dry

Green and Serene

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Certified organic backyard - visiting frog agrees :)

a green and golden bell frog sunbathing among the carex in our suburban backyard
a green and golden bell frog sunbathing among the carex in our suburban backyard


Planting Time is Watering Time

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Waterwise gardening saves time and money as well as water. Even better, weeds are fewer and your flowers, veges and fruit trees more healthy and resilient.

Here are a couple of water wise tips for spring planting:

  • Plant all the thirsty plants (lettuce, spinach) together, so they can be watered as a group.  
  • Plant garden beds densely rather than just dotting a few plants around. This strategy reduces water loss from bare soil.
  • The best time to water is before you plant. Pre soak each plant in a bucket of water, until the potting mix stops bubbling.

More tips and techniques to save watering in our ebook 

well watered zuccini ready to plant
well watered zuccini ready to plant

Listen While You Garden

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Get some inspiration and knowledge about gardening - while you work! Our new audiobook is ready to download on Audible